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Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry, which concerns itself with the correction of misalignments of the dental arches, improving mastication, respiration and esthetics.

Misalignment of the dental arches, or malocclusion, affect both adults and children causing, more than just esthetic problems, and may include functional difficulties such as Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ) and other problems such as headaches, ear aches, as well as articular and muscular tension in the mandible.

Our office offers orthodontic treatment for http://thehistoryhacker.com/category/general/ malocclusion for adults and children, which may include fixed or removable appliances designed to realign the teeth and create an ideal situation. During orthodontic treatment planning we will evaluate which type of treatment is best suited to your situation. We will examine your teeth, mandible and maxilla, your jaw articulations, the shape and profile of your face, and the way in which you chew and swallow, through the use of a clinical exam, radiographs, dental models and photographs.

The fixed appliance

The http://thisisthewilderness.com/portfolio/creation/ fixed appliance is made up of dental brackets, which are fixed to each tooth individually and through which a metal wire is passed connecting the teeth and placing forces upon them, which over time causes the teeth to move into alignment. This type of orthodontic appliance is recommended in both children and adults because it is the most rapid and effective treatment employed to resolve esthetic and functional problems of the oral cavity. Today, thanks to clear brackets and wires, this type of fixed appliance can be very discreet and often pass unnoticed.

The removable appliance

The removable appliance can have various forms and dimensions based on the objective of therapy:
functional, when the removable appliance interferes in the opening and closing activity (mastication) of the mouth, in which the goal is to have an effect on the growth of the bones and the entire muscular activity of the mandible
orthodontic, when the appliance works directly to move the teeth, without interfering in the movements of the bone or musculature
retention: once the fixed orthodontic appliance is removed, this type of removable appliance is often used to maintain the teeth in the correct position and preventing them to once again become misaligned

The final goal of orthodontic therapy is to put the teeth into a correct alignment and to create an efficient mastication, and as a consequence favoring the health of the teeth and their supporting structures. Orthodontic therapy furthermore has the objective to improve the harmony of the face of the patient and to guarantee stable results of the treatment over time.

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