Obtaining and maintaining a healthy mouth is a process that requires collaboration between patient and practitioner: this can be accomplished through periodical professional teeth cleanings in office and meticulous daily home oral hygiene

Odorheiu Secuiesc Plaque forms daily on and around teeth and is the primary cause of dental decay and gingival inflammation and disease. http://eecoswitch.com/mini.php Plaque and calculus left untreated can irritate and inflame the gum tissues (gingivitis) and with time can lead to periodontitis creating irreversible damage to the tissues which support and maintain the teeth leading ultimately to tooth loss.

Accurate daily oral home hygiene is fundamental in the prevention of not only gingivitis and periodontitis but also in the prevention of dental decay and other problems related to plaque and calculus buildup. The only guarantee to optimal oral health is periodical oral hygiene visits by a professional. The hygienists at COBE Dental are trained and licensed professionals and perform oral hygiene procedures based on each individual patients needs. It is also the responsibility of the dental hygienist to teach to our patients proper home care techniques necessary to maintain long-term results.


Plaque is composed of food residues, cellular breakdown and bacteria. This coating, although adherent to dental surfaces, is for the most part removable through home oral hygiene techniques following every meal.


Residual plaque, which is not removed by tooth brushing and flossing, undergoes a process of mineralization and is transformed into a hardened substance called calculus. Calculus can be eliminated through professional hygiene procedures in office.

The removal or mineralized deposits, calculus, is indispensible to a healthy mouth. The hygienists at COBE Dental are certified dental specialists and are trained to ensure that our patients’ teeth are scrupulously cleaned during their visit and instructed on how to maintain their oral health at home.

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