The importance of healthy nervous tissues in the dental pulp: root canal therapy

In some trauma cases or when dental caries is too close to or penetrating the pulpal space, the nervous tissues of the pulp begin a process of irreversible degeneration. If not quickly treated the degeneration leads to pulpal death and subsequent bacterial infection which can then spread to the surrounding osseous tissues forming a dental abscess or granuloma.

An untreated granuloma over time can lead to tooth loss, therefore it is necessary to timely remove the pulpal tissues in order to save the tooth. The cleaned out space once hosting these tissues must then be filled with dedicated techniques and materials.

Well-performed root canal therapy, performed by a specialist in Endodontics and using advanced technologies, allows for a fully functional rehabilitation of the tooth.

Prosthetic Crowns

An endodontically treated tooth may become more fragile and it is usually necessary, especially in posterior teeth, to protect the tooth from fracturing with coronal coverage, known as a crown. The crown is positioned to cover and replace missing tooth structure giving the tooth renewed form, function and strength, as if it were a natural tooth. A well-executed prosthetic crown is usually indistinguishable from a patient’s natural tooth.

Dental Inlays and Onlays

Sometimes a dental restoration called an inlay or onlay may be the treatment of choice. This is a special restoration made from either ceramic or resin, which is fabricated in a dental laboratory and subsequently cemented to the tooth following tooth preparation. buy neurontin online without dr approval A well executed onlay is perfectly camouflaged in the oral cavity and usually non distinguishable from the natural dentition. This technique allows for less tooth preparation and preserves more healthy tooth structure.

During root canal therapy pain control is obtained through the use of local anesthesia. Following therapy a patient may experience a subjective amount of discomfort, which is easily managed by the assumption of anti-inflammatories.

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