Team 2018

A beautiful smile is our best calling card

COBE Dental was named after the four founding partners of the practice: Dr. Diego Capri, Dr. Giacomo Ori, Dr. Sherry Bloomfield and Dr. Claire Eusebio. The founding partners became acquainted in the 1990’s when they were studying at the Boston University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts (USA).

Thanks to their various specializations in dentistry and their collaboration with each other they are able to diagnose and treat each and every dental concern and provide individualized optimal care for each and every patient. Helping them to provide excellent dental care COBE Dental has taken care to employ highly trained staff members, which include dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental technicians and office assistants.

COBE Values

Every day COBE Dental is working to improve the overall oral health of its valued patients. They pride themselves in their passion and professionalism, because they love what they do and wholeheartedly believe that life is better when everyone is able to smile.

Over the years together they have continually invested in increasing and expanding their knowledge and preparing themselves and their staff to tackle each and every situation which may present itself, as well as in new and upcoming techniques and technologies.

At COBE Dental you can count on finding specialists, which are known within their individual fields both nationally and internationally, and who continue to expand their knowledge in order to continually grow professionally. Your continued confidence is daily evidence that they are following the right path.

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